Vegan Foodie Convert!

I care about the food we eat. 🙂

I care about the food I eat and what others eat. I have always eaten whole foods and have been a Vegetarian most of my life. 20 years ago I opened a small Vegan Cafe in Bristol by the river with an attached Bike Hire business. People were given Vegan All-Day Sunday Breakfasts, some people liked it! The cakes were amazing!

Customers could hire a bike, go for a cycle down the Pill Path then come back and have a Vegan Feast.

It became unfeasable to run in the end as Vegan food & ingredients back then were expensive.

Fast forward 10 years and I ran a Cafe & Shop in Somerset. Lots of clotted cream, eggs, milk, cheese and local produce…… organic, but as I’ve discovered recently, potentially VERY BAD for your health.

Having had a few of my own health scares along the way; starting with Gluten free foods – nice book TBR in September.

I started changing my diet again. And now during Covid 19 Lockdown, whilst being furloughed and shielded, have taken the time to research and act on what I now know to be the best lifestyle for me & GO VEGAN!

Feeling more vibrant, healthy & energised I feel like a Born again Vegan Soul. The old ways of cooking are coming back to me. I’m making bread again, which has to be one of the most fulfilling parts of the day.

I made Pesto the other day, something I haven’t done for 20 years!

I’m ordering NUTS , GRAINS, & DRIED FRUIT in bulk and absolutely loving it.

My Millennial Son , shrugs his shoulders and tells me

“yeah, yeah, it’s old news…we all know this ….you are behind…”

Despairing that I may have wasted at least the last 15 years eating food that may be damaging me, & guilt for feeding others the same food, I now take a vow NEVER to go back to eating animal or dairy foods.

We invested in new cookbooks by selling bundles of our old cookbooks on eBay.

Sorry Jamie, I will miss your books & recipes…Nice to meet you BOSH! Can’t wait to tuck into the delicious recipes in your Books. I’ve been introduced to new websites, BLOGS & Twitter accounts like, Vegan 100, Pick Up Limes, & @Veganella by my Millenials & Sister-in-Law.

I’ve started making smoothies with Goji Berries…Fantastic!

Here’s to Health & Vitality!

Grammar Note

I’m = contraction of I am

I’m sorry I’m late.

I’m so happy for you.

I’ve = I have

I’ve got a cold.

I’ve been waiting for hours.

I’ll = I will

I’ll be 50 this year

I’ll have known Sarah for 45 years.

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