OMG Super Excited – Going to Whitsundays and Magnetic Islands

There are travel agents at the Nomads Hostel in Noosa who assist with booking exciting trips and Jessie managed to get the last space on everything thing with them that fortnight. Tom and Macauley had booked weeks ahead and Jess was not going to be left alone again.

Happily for Jess she met a woman on the Greyhound to Noosa who walked with her to the Hostel only to discover she was sharing the same dorm as the lads.

So we got a crew already ahaha !

After her first night at Nomads Jess took it easy by the swimming pool nursing a slight hangover from the Girls Night /Free Drinks at the Hostel. Then the newly formed crew were going to go for a walk through the stunning Noosa National Park in search of The Fairy Pools.

FAIRY POOLS Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, QUEENSLAND

However after a brilliant tranquil hours walk the tide was crashing in over the rocks submerging the pools, but that was an experience in itself.

Having relaxed, made new friends and read books for 2 days the crew were about to embark on their next trip they had been busy planning.

A Greyhound to Agnes Water to stay in a Airbnb for 2 nights, then on to Airlie Beach for 4 days, then on to the Whitsundays, back to Airlie Beach, then Townsville and finally to Cairns.


Arriving in Agnes Water the crew were picked up by the 5 Guest Palm Airbnb host in his big blue SUV and after months of living in dorms in hostels, they all had a taste of a home again – even if it was for just a couple of nights.

Me and Carrie cooked fajitas – The lads washed up for us hehe!

It was at this point of Jessie’s trip that I asked her to look out for jobs for me!


Back on board a Greyhound for a 9 hour coach journey this little break in Agnes Water was an excellent idea. They were heading towards another Nomads Hostel at Airlie Beach and it was Karaoke Night!

Couldn’t stop laughing lol

Stinger Season at Airlie Beach means wearing a stinger suit or going to the beautiful Lagoon to swim in. Jessie said the temperature was about 39 degrees so lounging around a lagoon was the best thing to do.

Airlie Beach LAGOON

Nobody went into the sea.

Airlie Beach Sea

Luckily before Jessie went out to sea various emails came through to her. One was from the insurance company agreeing to pay for her Bali dog bite medical bill. So with a little pressure off financially Jessie looked forward to the trip to the Whitsundays and could book her flight to Perth.

With this in mind Jess told me that when you are travelling you tell your travel stories to new people you meet along the way.

Poor Mac and Tom have heard the same story now over 20 times!

However, her story had now got ahead of her, and when she started to tell the story sometimes people would say…

Oh you’re the girl that was bitten by the dog in Bali

Jessie had to say goodbye to Carrie for a few days as she was going on another trip

Those were the best days of my life

So with the cyclone heading down to Brisbane the weather was good for the weekend to sail to the Whitsundays with Tom and Mac!

On board me boat!!

Sailing in the Coral Sea

Went snorkelling this afternoon n saw a turtle!!

Loads of us are gone sleep on deck under the stars….

We could see the Milky Way …which was sick


Whitehaven is the best beach in the worldddd

…the sand can be used for many things including cleaning silver… I cleaned all my rings n they are all so shiny now..

We had to wear Stingray suits bcus stingrays and lemon sharks swim at the beach n we saw LOADS

On the way back to Airlie Beach on board the boat, Jessie said all the travellers looked at each other as the boat leaned so far over they all had to sit on one side of the boat, the captain was having a wail of a time – must be a racer. She loved it! Back on land and back to Nomads before travelling to Townsville for one night and then a ferry to Magnetic Island.

Sailor Girl lol

Carrie met up with Jess again in Townsville and as a reformed crew they continued to Magnetic Island. They managed to find a car rental place that rented cars to under 21’s, so had a Suzuki 4X4 to drive around in. Jessie and Carrie had other ideas…..Jess had just passed her driving test before she left for Oz…Driving around in a roofless car on a beautiful island- sounds like heaven.

Age appropriate car
Magnetic Island
A Touch of Paradise
Wild Koala Spotting

The crew were told to go to a Toad Race. People go and bid on the toads who race each other out of the circle…

Was the weirdest thing ever. Me n Carrie didn’t like it

Jess and friends got the boat back to Townsville and a Greyhound to Cairns which is where she leaves the group and continues on to Perth to meet up with Boyfriend Patrick to start the Working in Australia part of the trip.

Mac, Tom and Carrie all went with Jessie to Cairns Airport in the middle of the night to wave goodbye. A small row of travellers were sat outside the Airport as it wasn’t open yet

lol…..Okay, so a woman just came out n said We’re open but no one is moving….I don’t understand why no one is going in

Right I’m going in

I’m bossing this!

Everyone followed me in……( smug face)

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