Lockdown 21st Birthday in Somerset

I missed Jessie’s 20th Birthday last year as she was on her Gap Year in Oz, looks like I am going to miss her 21st Birthday too!

The plans to celebrate in Paris will be delayed until after lockdown.

It’s good! Stay Home & Save Lives! That is what is important!

I know she must be disappointed as a Birthday loving Gal!

I am so grateful for my Kids – Obviously! But I am also so grateful for the Internet & Apple & Google & Amazon & WhatsApp & Etsy & Facebook for enabling a Virtual Birthday.

I will be able to join in on the Facebook Watch Party Group!

I can attend the ZOOM Quiz Party!

I can Facetime her on my iPhone first thing in the morning to sing Happy Birthday without her friends seeing me!

I can get Grandparents to Google Duo her in the afternoon!

Our Family WhatsApp group can send silly videos and messages!

A few Birthday Cards will get though on time and a few Party Balloons from Etsy – Thanks to Royal Mail!

Amazon animated eVouchers will arrive safely into her email account!

Maybe we could do an Airbnb Online Experience in the Evening ?

Happy 21st Birthday beautiful Jessie – May the Sun shine too! XXXX

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