Lockdown 21st Birthday in Somerset

I missed Jessie’s 20th Birthday last year as she was on her Gap Year in Oz, looks like I am going to miss her 21st Birthday too!

The plans to celebrate in Paris will be delayed until after lockdown.

It’s good! Stay Home & Save Lives! That is what is important!

I know she must be disappointed as a Birthday loving Gal!

I am so grateful for my Kids – Obviously! But I am also so grateful for the Internet for enabling a Virtual Birthday.

I will be able to join in on the Facebook Watch Party Group!

I can attend the ZOOM Quiz Party!

I can Facetime her first thing in the morning to sing Happy Birthday without her friends seeing me!

I will get her Grandparents to Google Duo her in the afternoon!

Our Family WhatsApp group can send silly videos and messages!

A few Birthday Cards will get though on time and a few Party Balloons from Etsy – Thanks to Royal Mail!

Amazon animated eVouchers will arrive safely into her email account!

Maybe we will go on an Airbnb Online Experience in the Evening ?

Happy 21st Birthday beautiful Jessie – May the Sun shine too! Four Kisses. XXXX

Grammar Note

We use will

to express beliefs about the present or future

to talk about what people want to do or are willing to do

to make promises, offers and requests.

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