My First Ever YouTube Video Made During Lockdown

Adult Dyslexia & My Dyslexic Family

I use to work with dyslexic children in schools as a support assistant and scribe. I also have family members who are dyslexic. I have devoured information and knowledge over the past few months and although will most likely go on to work with EFL Students, I wanted to share this video with you, as I am absolutely passionate about reading and the way the brain works.

I say I am more akin to the ADHD tribe in the video, which I believe is partially true, but I also suffered a head injury after a bad bike accident nearly 20 years ago. My processing of thoughts was dramatically changed and slowed down.

This is why I have so much time and patience for anyone struggling with reading and writing.

I used computers and word-processing software to rewire my brain. Slowly my spelling and writing and processing has come back, but it has taken years and it isn’t how it was.

Having said that – I wouldn’t change it either, and think I prefer who I am now and will never give up on learning new and difficult skills that challenge me.

So this may be the first and only Video I make on YouTube or it might be the start of many more.

Please let me know if it is of interest or how I could improve it or if it should be scrapped 🙂

I’m just so happy that I have had the time to try it and finish it.

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