My First Ever YouTube Video Made During Lockdown

I used to work with dyslexic children in schools as a support assistant and scribe. I also have family members who are dyslexic. I have devoured information and knowledge over the past few months and although will most likely go on to work with EFL Students, I wanted to share this video with you, as I am absolutely passionate about reading and the way the brain works.

I say I am more akin to the ADHD tribe in the video, which I believe is partially true, but I also suffered a head injury after a bad bike accident nearly 20 years ago. My processing of thoughts was dramatically changed.

I used to use computers and word-processing software to rewire my brain. Slowly my spelling and writing and processing has come back, but it has taken years and it isn’t how it was.

Having said that – I wouldn’t change it either, and think I prefer who I am now and will never give up on learning new and difficult skills that challenge me.

So this may be the first and only Video I make on YouTube or it might be the start of many more.

I’m just so happy that I have had the time to try it and finish it.

Grammar point

used to = (modal verb)

done or experienced in the past, but no longer done or experienced.

I used to eat meat, but now I’m a Vegetarian.

We don’t go to the Movies as often as we used to.

I used to do Ballet (but now I don’t have time)

I used to live in London (but now I live in the West Country)

use to = In questions and negatives apart from ‘never’ we use use to not used to.

Did she use to go to school with us?

Did you use to work with me at Harrods?

I didn’t use to like Red Wine, but now I like it.

used = adjective (not new)

that has already been put to the purpose it was intended for: not new

I can only afford a used car

a used airline ticket

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