3 Bike Rides to do in Malaga

No. 1 Bike Ride – Malaga to Chilches

So, while my daughter was away on her Gap Year I had a few adventures of my own!

I love this Port. I love watching the boats and the people passing by. I love the blue Sky. I love cycling along the Paseo with the sea breeze, smoothing my face or cooling my back.

One of the cycle rides I love in Malaga is to Chilches. Last year the path stopped here, but this year it looks like they are continuing to build it, which will be fantastic.

To get to Chilches we cycled through the port, past the Pompidou Centre and the Lighthouse to get onto the Promenade.

The Promenade runs all the way through to El Baneario Banos del Carmen, then stops for a small section. Breakfast at the Baneario Banos del Carmen is a bit special, with the waves crashing up against the rocks in front of you as you eat.

Continuing on in the same direction, take the first right turn, to get back onto the path.

Along Pedregalejo Playa there are lots of ‘beach-front’ cafes to stop for a comforting breakfast. A bit further along the path is Playas del Palo, where fishermen, early in the day, get their coals ready on boats to cook a Malaga cuisine classic – Espetos de Sardinas: 5 or 6 sardines on skewers, which is perfect with a cold beer!

Cycling past the famous El Tintero restaurant, the path goes up hill and merges into a narrow track alongside the road, this goes behind the Respol petrol station and then back on to a cycle path.

This is my favourite part of the ride. Cycling alongside the rocks and the sea.

Playa Penon del Cuervo is a good place to stop for a rest and photo opportunity!

Through the Tuneles de la Cala and on to the Paseo de la Marina where there are lots of intriguing bars and restaurants. This turns into Paseo Maritimo Virgen del Carmen and Playa Ricon, then Playa Bengalbon.

I love this area, it feels a bit like an island .

This was the end of the path for now. Hopefully it will join up to Nerja as part of the Malaga Coastal Path project next time I come here. I can’t wait to come back and see!

Turning back, we passed by the start or end of the Arroyo de Santillan Mountain Bike trail. Definitely not a city bike ride!

Having had such a good ride and needing some proper grub to get us back to the centre we stopped off for lunch at Restaurante El Castillo. Which was perfect – a very traditional place on the beach.

There are mixed reviews about this restaurant online, but we had very good service and the food was delicious!

We needed a bit of a siesta to recover! So finding a nice, quiet spot we parked up the parks and unrolled our beach towels.

I think we deserved it with 30km under our belts!

No. 2 Bike Ride – Parque del Oeste and Beyond

Heading in the other direction from the centre with the sea on your left, this route takes you by the Russian Art Gallery and Chimena de los Guindos. Only a 20 minute bike ride to the Park and the same again to the Parque del Guadalhorce.

Parque del Guadalhorce is a beautiful Nature Reserve.

Graham rented a trekking bike on different days so he could have a bit of a spin while I read books on the beach. Win Win !

On the way back to the beach.

Eating delicious food….

….a cerveza and a little siesta!

…..before exploring Parque del Oeste just across the road from the Chimena.

We discovered a couple of nice local restaurants next to the Parque, so on separate occasions parked the bikes up and had lunch before returning to the beach for some Sun.

One was called the Tapeiado Cai Taverna and the other was called Taberna Las Tinajas. Menu of the day is such a good choice as we got to try dishes we wouldn’t normally cook and the price was very reasonable.

No. 3 Bike Ride – Jardin Botanico La Conception + Cafe

I tend to use the dry river bed as a point of reference when I am out and about on a bike in Malaga. I am not always sure where the start and end of the bike paths are as there is a lot of construction and development going on in the centre.

So I know if I go to the dry river bed I can work out where the bridges are and how to get to a main road where a bike path might be.

It also helps me get back to this fantastic Mural and also the Recyclo Cafe!

Nice organic breakfasts and coffee here. Very helpful staff in the bike shop. We also had some good conversations with other cyclists.

So from here we headed along the dry river bed to Puente Arminia, crossed over it and headed towards Av de Luis Brunel and picked up the cycle path.

Turning right at the football stadium and left at Jorge Silvela. The path goes behind the petrol station and then to Av Santiago Ramon Y Cajal, Calle Munoz Seca, and Av Jacinto Benavente – they continue on from each other.

As there were a few Coffee shops on the side of this tree lined cycle path we stopped at Cafeteria Malaga Norte for a snack, and got much more for our money here!

Further along we crossed over the road at a large Zebra crossing and passed by lots of tennis courts, past another petrol station, then right at then end of a park.

We cycled along a quiet road called Cmo de Casabermeja for a little, then turned left under the main road through a tunnel and left again a little bit further and the Gardens are on the right.

If you turn right here then you are going up into the mountains. You need good bikes for this as we discovered having a little look. Next year we must try this!

We managed this without Google Maps, we just followed our noses a bit, headed in one direction and asked a few people along the way. Everyone knows where it is.

These Botanical gardens were created by the Marquis and Marchiness of the House of Loring after visiting Europe for their Honeymoon. Sold in 1911, then passed on to heirs who neglected them, the City Of Malaga bought them in 1990 to conserve and enrich generations to come with scientific and educational purposes in mind.






The amazing Lemon and Orange Tree that grows both fruits.

Archaeological remains – part of the San Telmo aqueduct built in 1782 http://laconcepcion.malaga.eu/en/para-saber-mas/san-telmo-aqueduct/#.XUaaHy2ZPUI

Extremely scrumptious homemade food at the Cafe.

I felt really chuffed that I had cycled here, as when we were leaving a couple the same age as us got out of a Taxi. (Smug face)

The standard entry ticket is around 5 Euros, but admission is free at specific times on Sundays, so check the website. We were allowed to park the bikes inside the grounds of the garden and bike stands are provided.

The bikes were rented from Malaga Bike Tours and Rentals in Calle Trinidad Grund. At the time the City Bikes were 26 Euros for 3 days and the Trek Hybrid Bike was 40 Euros for 3 days or 15 Euros for 1 day.

Graham also looked at Bikes at Recyclo Bike Shop for more mountainous rides which at the time were around 35 euros per day. The best bikes go early so plan ahead!


Meaning of past in English

Past – preposition + further than a particular point

I live just past the doctors surgery.

The boys went past me on mountain bikes.

Jessie just jogged past me in her usual manner.

Tom walked right past me without seeing me.

turn back

Phrasal verb with turn – to return in the direction you have come from, or to make someone do this.

We are lost, we will have to turn back.

retrace your steps

We will have to retrace our steps to get back to where we started.

through – preposition, adverb (PLACE)

From one end or side of something to the other:

Through the woods.

The girl waded through the sea.

The woman struggled through the crowd.

Cycle through the tunnels.

along  – preposition (FROM ONE END TO ANOTHER)

We walked along the beach collecting shells.

The girls ran down the hill, over the bridge and along the path.

Halfway along the wall he fell off.

Cut along the dotted line.

along  – preposition (NEXT TO)

The cars were parked all along the road.

Look at the pretty row of houses along the riverside.

along  – preposition (AT A PARTICULAR PLACE)

Somewhere along this road is a petrol station.

I love walking along this River.

along  – adverb (FORWARD)

We were just walking along, chatting .

along  – adverb (WITH YOU)

The music made her dance along with you.

along  – preposition (BESIDE)

I walked along the canal path beside you

uphill – adjective, adverb

Leading to a higher place.

An uphill climb.

Running uphill.

go for a spin (to some place)

To go for a brief, leisurely drive (to some place)

Hey Mum, fancy going for a spin to the grocery store with me?

Jessie just got a new bike for her birthday, 

so I think we’re going to go for a spin after school.

out and about

active: doing the things you usually do:

The doctor says she’s making a good recovery,

and she should be out and about in a few days time.

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