New Years Day 2019 – 6 Days before the Journey

This is my first Blog and first post. I live in the quiet City of Bath, UK.  I woke up at 4am this morning in a content and calm mood. It felt strange as for the past few weeks I have been waking up at this time in a state of fear and worry. Today is Tuesday 1st January 2019, in 6 days time my 19 year old second born child will be travelling to Bali in Indonesia via Bangkok, and then on to Sydney, Australia.  The only way I think I will cope with this separation is to write about it.  Maybe other people in my position will connect with this feeling.

The past few weeks have been rather worrying for me.  Did I think my daughter would manage this epic Journey alone?  Would she have enough money?  Has she had all her vaccinations? Where will she live? Will the Planes be safe? etc.. I then started to become a little neurotic; Which Airline was she flying with? Which country was she connecting flights in? The exasperated Travel agent had to be a little firm with me to keep everything on track. “There really is no point flying all the way to Hong Kong and then back to Bali”.  So Thai Airways and Virgin Australia are booked. My daughter’s Visas, and Banks are sorted and Hostels in both countries are expecting her.

Then terrible stories in the news put the fear in me.  A brave intelligent, independent young woman in the prime of her life was pointlessly murdered in New Zealand.  My daughter was upset by the reaction of the media and Facebooked all the positive stories about this young Woman’s right to travel alone.  My daughter is a happy, brave, free spirited, adventurous, kind, young woman in her prime, embarking on a similar trip. I felt so deeply sorry for Grace’s family, I couldn’t watch the news coverage.

Then a Tsunami hit the coasts of Sumatra and Java in Indonesia and swept away hundreds of young people watching a local Pop band called ‘Seventeen’, . My daughter, who is an avid music fan, would have been at that concert if she lived there. Hundreds and hundreds of people in one night…how can this happen?

My daughter still determined to go to Bali made me worry less as she was sure it was what she wanted. The only worry shown was when the Child of Krakatoa started spewing out ash.  We are hoping it stays quiet.  Her positive nature about everything has kept me rooted and let me let go of her to do this trip.  In 6 days time I will give her a final hug goodbye for a Year and I will miss her immensely.  This is a Diary or Travel Blog by someone left behind.  I turn 50 this year and have always wanted to write a blog. Now I have a Year to get on with it.

Welcome to a Fantastic New Year 2019

Grammar Note

Wh-questions begin with 

what, when, where, who, whom, which, whose, why and how.

We use them to ask for information.

The answer cannot be yes or no: We expect an answer which gives information.