Flowers Cheer Us Up!

Flowers can cheer us up! My daughter left a bunch on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, which was lovely!

The flowers in my garden hadn’t started to bloom at the time. I looked after this bunch of Tulips carefully, replacing the water everyday.

Tulips are my favourite cut flowers, but you can’t beat the exquisite fragrance of a Rose.

I replaced all my Tulips and Dahlias for a Herb Garden a few years ago, which I have been slowly cultivating and getting to know and love.

I kept some flowers though !

I’m very lucky that I can go and pick fresh Lemon Balm, Mint and Thyme everyday for a refreshing Herb Tea.

I am tending to my Basil, Coriander and Parsley seedlings, like an over fussy mother.

I’ve missed walking through the Bluebell Woods this year. I’m glad I have so many photos to look back at!

My otherhalf brought back some pungent smelling Wild Garlic Leaves for me, while he was out foraging on his daily walk, which quickly became a delicious soup.

Now, two weeks later, the flowers are thriving, their buds are blossoming and the Bees and Butterflies have returned to my garden again (with a little bit of help).

The Perpetual Cycle of Life.

Vocab + Grammar Lesson


very beautiful and delicate

an exquisite piece of china

look at this exquisite painting


smelling or tasting very strong and sharp

the pungent whiff of a goat


you can cultivate a relationship, a garden etc – make a special effort to develop it / nurture it.

Relative Clauses

Part of a sentence that cannot exist independently and describes a noun that comes before it in the main part of the sentence.

– connected to a main clause by words such as which, that, whom, whose, when, where, or who.

In the sentence “The man who I met was wearing a blue hat”, ” who I met” is a relative clause.

In the sentence “My daughter left a bunch on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, which was lovely!” “which was lovely” is a relative clause.

Have a go yourself below.

__________________, which ___________

_________________, who______________


_________________,when _____________

__________________,that ______________

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