Perth to Manjimup – Part 1

I am now 8 hours ahead btw

Having had a very turbulent flight Jess arrived in Perth and headed straight over to the International Arrivals to wait for Pat flying in from Bali. Auntie Teena lives in Perth and so the pair had a base to start their “Working Holiday”. But before that it was time to check out some local Skate Parks!

Back at one of these again

Each morning the pair looked for jobs online and contacted relevant people to ask lots of questions mainly about wages. Pat’s Uncle meanwhile had a few jobs around the place to keep him busy and Jessie wrote various C.Vs tailored to different jobs – Grape Picking, strawberry picking, Coffee shop assistant, Clothes shop assistant etc….

Meanwhile back in the UK Jessie’s dog Woody had had a nasty accident – drumroll déjà vu Insurance paperwork from the otherside of the world and more expence!

I’ll sort when I have me job

If u can wait a few weeks?

I proof read Jessie’s CV and questioned her why she had written that she didn’t want a 2nd year visa. She had read in a Farmers blog tips about CV’s for Backpackers in Australia and what the employer wants to hear. For some very twisted reason they don’t want to hear that you want a 2nd year visa? Apparently you show more enthusiasm to work if you don’t care about it. I’m not sure I agree with this, but how do you persuade a gen z?

Four days later Jessie was already very frustrated with the whole job search.

It’s all we do every day and we hear nothing back

They had their eye on a Strawberry Farm job but after reading the reviews by employees they rapidly changed their minds. They also registered with almost every single Australian job website, and joined FB groups and Gumtree searches.

I think the problem was that they truly believed they would find jobs easily and there would be plenty of them. The actual reality was a lot bleaker. So after one week in Perth Jess started to worry she would run out of money and not even have enough to get home. (Obviously we would have bailed her out if got that bad).

Pat luckily was offered a job by a Skater he had met in Bali to work in a Skater Cafe. This was an exciting prospect, but no firm plans were put in place about when that would start. Jess hoped there might be some work for her too, but sadly nothing came of it.

Pat’s Uncle gave them a map and they poured over it with renewed confidence. If they went further afield, surely more farm jobs would be out there.

We’re looking to get a big car or van

We wanna go work in Margaret River, that’s where the vines n cafes are!

It’s surfer/skater heaven down there!

Originally they wanted to stay at the Working Hostel Margaret River Backpackers but it was fully booked. So they decided that after they bought a car they would head down to a beautiful campsite called Fair Harvest Permaculture Campsite.

The young pair who had never bought a car in the UK now threw themselves into the Australian car sales arena! Luckily I had a FaceTime call from Jess as they were pulling into the car park of a supermarket to meet a chap who was hoping to sell his car to these two young peeps!

Do you know what you are doing?

What paperwork do you need?

I scrambled together a search on Google and found a helpful website that explained Australian car sales – Australian Vehicle Registration It was very easy to flick through and find the bits of info I needed to STOP them parting with their money! The following day they went to see another car and were happy with the paper work so bought it. The car the day before had none!!!!

So exciting! Now they just had to clean it and kit it out to stay in on campsites and the world was their oyster! Jessie learnt how to power wash a car and did it with love!

A lot of farm jobs require you to have a car so now the should be more employable. Aunt Teena helped them celebrate with a hearty, healthy breakfast as a treat from a local cafe.

While they were out in the new car practicing as it was a much larger car than what they were use to Jessie


Always wanted to see one one of them lol

The make over of the “Wagon” would take a few days to sort. Pat was going to build a frame for the back so they would have a bed with underneath storage. Ikea was on hand for all the home comforts they would need like material to make curtains, duvets, and a cuddly giant Panda? They had sourced some wood to make the frame and slowly but surely created a great little mobile home.

A bit more skating at Fremantle Skate Park before leaving Perth.

So on the Thursday the young couple started their journey into the outback in search of work and their dreams. It would be a 3 hour journey to Margaret River so they decided to stop off at Belividere Camp Ground in Bunbury to break up the journey and arrive in daylight. Lovely Auntie Teena packed them off with a hamper of food.

We’ve left

Free as a bird!

To be continued in Part 2 …….

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