A Day Trip from Malaga

I am very lucky to have some Spanish connections. My sister’s husband Jose comes from Velez-Malaga.

Jose was in town when we arrived in Malaga. We took an early bus from the centre of Malaga to Torre del Mar along the coast road to meet him.

My brother-in-law is a bit of a Foodie! He warned us when he picked us up to

“be prepared to put on 2 kilos.”

After taking us out for a huge breakfast of churros and smurf rolls with lashings of coffee he drove us to Nerja.

Jose educating us why Spanish Oranges and Avocados are the best!

We have to get some early Sun in May, we can’t wait until July!

Next stop was Frigliana.

Visiting one of Andalucias Pueblos Blancos was a highlight of my trip to Malaga.

Whitewashed houses splashed with colourful flowers and greenery, lined with black and white mosaic cobbled streets and topped with a deep blue sky.

Tempting local produce that I can’t fly home (Note to self to drive here another time to load up the car with deliciousness)

Eating Nisperos, a seasonal fruit in Spain, purchased from the local grocery shop, we headed up to the Restaurante El Mirador for a cerveza and a view to die for.

A bit of light entertainment from a local cat.

Next stop was to Jose’s home town Velez-malaga

Graham and me had to jump out of the tiny car and give it a push up the steep hill to the beautiful Vélez-Málaga Hermitage of the Virgin of the Remedies at the top.

Looking from the church towards the castle

We then jumped back in the car and visited the Castillo de Velez-Malaga

Jose took us for Tapas at a sea view bar, where we tried everything he ordered.

This included shell fish which may or may not have still been alive when squirted with lemon juice before downing them like oysters. We were impressed with ourselves for trying this Malagan gastro delicacy.

We felt much more knowledgable about the dishes and how to order them under Jose’s guidance.

Conchas Finas

Before the day had ended we met up with Jose’s sister and had one more meal.

I discovered a new favourite food.

“Ensalada casera con gambas”

We definitely put on a kilo if not two!


lashing   (A LOT)

lashings – old-fashioned or humorous a lot of food or drink

Scones with lashings of cream and jam

Lashings of ginger beer

top off something (COMPLETE)

to make something complete or satisfying

A fabulous cherry pie topped off the meal

to die for

Excellent or to be strongly wished for

She has a figure to die for.

That chocolate cake is to die for.

load up on

To gather or buy a large amount of something

The tourists started loading up on fresh oranges.

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