The Beautiful Destination of The Real Alcazar Sevilla

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and setting for Game of Thrones. This is a beautiful destination worthy of a visit if you are in the city.

The Grounds and Garden are as we say it in the West Country “Lush!”

The main entrance is through the Lion’s Gate.

After entering you you will visit the Patio del Yeso

Visiting Upstairs to learn about the tiles before going to the Palace of Peter.

Instagrammers finding the perfect photo!

The Palace of Peter dates back to the 14th Century. Showing off it’s beautiful Mudejar Art, a style of ornamentation and decoration in Post Islamic Christian Iberia.

The Hall of Ambassadors built in the late 1300s is in Moorish design symbolising the Universe/ Heaven and Earth. It is awe-inspiring. The craftsmanship is extraordinary. What artistic vision they had!

Greenness inside and out.

The view and walk along the gallery made me smile. It felt as if we were very lucky to be in such a special place.

This is why I love travelling, you never know what to expect. I love being surprised. Sometimes it is best not to read the guide books and just turn up.

Very content soaking up the atmosphere.

Under the Palace is a cool cave-like retreat. Los Banos de Dona Maria de Padilla is an underground rainwater bath. To get there you walk through a small tunnel with Fantastic frescos!

For me the highlights had to be the Grotto Gallery, the Hall of Ambassadors and the Grounds and Garden. Well, maybe all of ti!

We did not want to join a tour guide as we like the freedom to explore at our own pace. We also did not buy on-line before hand. However a lot of people advise to do this from the official website.

An audio guide is available at 5 Euros.

We paid 11.80 Euros each for our tickets and just managed the queue, it was not as bad as the worst queue I have ever been in, which was to see the Palace in Madrid. We were prepared though and had water and hats, and went as soon as it opened in the morning.

Definitely stay out of the heat!


If you are in Sevilla you must visit!


  1. We had a chance to visit Alcazar las spring and were utterly blown away by its beauty, would love to revisit again as during our time in Seville it was raining non stop. Thanks for sharing


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